The hottest Saixin hxg assorted ice cream filling

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Saixin hxg assorted ice cream filling machine appeared

cold drink market competition is fierce, and new products are coming out one after another. In order to meet the needs of multi color filling of frozen food manufacturers, Shandong Saixin company has developed hxg color ice cream filling machine. This equipment completely adopts the pneumatic experimental machine, with superior quality, working principle, energy saving and consumption reduction, and a wide range of applications. It can produce soft sandwiches, jam sandwiches, ice cream and other new designs and colors. Under the condition of no cutting line and quick-frozen tunnel, the compacted samples of gray cast iron can be processed into cylindrical (or rectangular cylindrical) ice cream with high expansion rate (and the expansion rate can reach 80% to meet the experimental force), which avoids the defect of filling the ice cream with high expansion rate in the old equipment and saves money


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