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On June 3, with the opening opportunity of the 12th Shanghai international water treatment exhibition, Salem (China) Co., Ltd. officially released two new products tailored for industrial water treatment - efficient and flexible lowara e-mp segmental multi-stage pump and efficient and reliable lowara e-xc split double suction pump

green development is the foundation for industrial parks to achieve high-quality development and maintain economic vitality, and water environment treatment is one of the important tasks to promote green development of industrial parks, which requires the support of comprehensive pumping solutions that can reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency

on June 3, taking advantage of the opening opportunity of the 12th Shanghai international water treatment exhibition, thalaimer (China) Co., Ltd. officially released two new products tailored for industrial water treatment -- the efficient and flexible lowara e-mp segmental multi-stage pump and the efficient and reliable lowara e-xc axially opened double suction pump

"in the 40 years of reform and opening up, China's economy has achieved a leap. However, the rapid economic development has brought serious environmental problems." Said Lu Shuping, President of selemo China and North Asia. "Although the construction of eco industrial parks has been put on the agenda, the road of green transformation is still full of challenges, the cost of pollution prevention and control is increasing, and the ecological standard is not perfect, all of which are the problems faced by the managers of industrial parks or factories. As a global leader in intelligent water technology, it affects the flexibility of hydraulic control institutions. Lemmer combines its own technical advantages and expertise, and develops smarter and more intelligent products according to the rapid changes in the market and the needs of customers Efficient industrial water application and water treatment solutions. Today, we are very interested in introducing cement-based polyurethane insulation materials to China in the market, so that customers can benefit from the new experience brought by intelligent water technology. "

the efficient and flexible lowara e-mp segmented multi-stage pump is one of the highlight new products released this time. This series of products adopts intelligent design and makes full use of the hundreds of years of rich experience accumulated by the lowara brand under selemo in the design and configuration of casting multi-stage pumps. The upgraded new product not only improves the performance and prolongs the service life, but also is easy to assemble and maintain. It is a powerful solution for high-voltage applications in industry, municipal administration, agriculture, construction and other fields. Lowara e-mp is equipped with advanced hydraulic components and optimized by computational fluid dynamics, which can improve system efficiency, reduce life cycle costs and energy consumption requirements, and the Mei value is far higher than the international ansi/hi standard

The features of lowara e-mp series products include:

the newly designed primary impeller provides extremely high suction capacity to meet the stringent requirements of hot water or condensate pumping applications

the new U-shaped turning pipe adopts computational fluid dynamics to make the liquid flow between pump stages more ideal and improve efficiency

built in fixed shield, such as large self-cleaning sealing cavity for contaminated liquid, reduces downtime and operating costs; Modular design makes assembly and maintenance simpler and easier to operate

it is compatible with the fifth generation hydrovar intelligent control device of Salem for monitoring. The optional sensor interface can be connected to the intelligent pump station monitoring and diagnosis system, which helps to plan in advance and maximize maintenance downtime and save costs

during the same period of the exhibition, thaleimer also launched the lowara e-xc series of efficient and reliable Zhongkai double suction pumps, which has a wide performance coverage. The high head design of medium and large flow provides a cost-effective solution for the growing high head demand of industrial and municipal applications. In addition, the design of the import and export center line provides great convenience for equipment installation and guarantees the feasibility of the reconstruction project of the pumping system

"as a commonly used pump, double suction pump is widely used. Over the years, various manufacturers have been actively innovating, looking for energy-efficient products to help customers reduce the cost of ownership in the life cycle", said yuanzhenbin, marketing director of Salem China and North Asia. "Lowara e-xc optimizes the design based on the salemo hydraulic model, and provides a variety of materials for customers to choose. With a variety of configurations, it can be applied to a variety of complex application environments and is not afraid of the challenges of various harsh environments."

in China, Salem represents the cutting-edge technology of the water industry, actively promotes green development, provides energy-efficient water supply, HVAC, fire protection systems, drainage and water treatment solutions for industrial parks, commercial buildings and factories, and interprets the concept of low-carbon and environmental friendly cities. Especially in the field of industrial water treatment, selaimer provides advanced treatment equipment such as wedeco ozone and Leopold filter for projects such as Huanggang chenminglin paper, Shouguang Meilun paper, Sinopec Jinshan petrochemical, Sinopec Jinling Petrochemical, Sinopec Yangzi Petrochemical, Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical, PetroChina Dagang Oilfield, Nangang coking wastewater, and Foshan Yida printing and dyeing wastewater. Through active cooperation with partners, selaimer supports the business development of local customers

about thaleimer

thaleimer (xyl) is a leading water technology company in the world, committed to developing innovative technological solutions to meet the world's most demanding water resource challenges. The company's products and services focus on water transmission, water treatment, water testing, water monitoring and water reuse in the fields of municipal, industrial, civil and commercial construction. In addition, selaimer also provides industry-leading product portfolio for utilities such as water, power and natural gas, including intelligent metering, pipe technology and advanced infrastructure analysis solutions. With about 17000 employees worldwide, the company focuses on providing sustainable and comprehensive solutions by using its technical expertise in many application fields. Thaleimer, headquartered in leybrook, New York, has an operating revenue of $5.2 billion in 2018. Its many products achieve high temperature and high humidity. The water bead brand, which only needs to spray steam or atomize into the air of the box, occupies a market leading position in more than 150 countries and regions

the company name xylem is taken from ancient Greek. Its original meaning is the organization that transports water in plants, which means the company's pursuit of water business, and shows that we use the world's excellent engineering technology comparable to the nature's natural ability to realize water transmission

Salem has been deeply engaged in the Chinese market for 30 years, always focusing on the sustainable development in China, constantly improving local R & D and production capacity, cultivating global talents, and committed to building the Chinese business into one of the global influential business centers. Headquartered in Shanghai, it has factories in Shenyang and Nanjing, and its sales and after-sales service teams cover Beijing, Chengdu, Xi'an, Wuhan, Guangzhou and other cities with small production capacity and equipment

in China, sailaimo represents international advanced technology, provides intelligent products and high-quality services for water and sewage management, helps customers solve water problems, and works with partners to achieve a cleaner water environment and create a better future

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