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Set sail and move forward, CIMC Lingyu 2020 business annual meeting has come to a successful conclusion

set sail and move forward, CIMC Lingyu 20 does not need these data, 20 business annual meeting has come to a successful conclusion

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set sail and move forward

CIMC Lingyu embarks on a new journey in 2020 from the business annual meeting

at the beginning of the new year, get rid of the old and introduce the new. From January 1 to 3, 2020, CIMC Lingyu's annual business conference of "product driven development, change and create the future" was successfully held in Xiamen, and the company is expected to enter the ranks of railway supporting suppliers. More than 500 people attended the meeting, including Liu Baoshan, general manager of CIMC Lingyu, Xu Zhiyu, executive deputy general manager of CIMC Lingyu, Hu Bolin, deputy general manager of CIMC Lingyu and general manager of marketing company, department heads, regional sales managers, regional dealers, overseas dealers, service stations, suppliers, affiliated units and industry media

on the morning of January 2, the long-awaited meeting was shocked and opened with the latest promotional film of CIMC Lingyu. The magnificent picture made the participants enthusiastic. Chang Guoqiang, the Minister of marketing, presided over the meeting with the theme of "Sino US trade disputes, forge ahead and overcome all difficulties; the industry ups and downs are diverse, and the world can be connected for another year!" Summary: in 2019, the wonderful opening set off the atmosphere of the venue to a climax

after the opening of the meeting, Mr. liubaoshan, the general manager of the company, will make a theme report. President Liu highly summarized the current situation of macro economy, CIMC group and CIMC vehicle group in 2019, and reviewed the performance of CIMC Lingyu; Announced the development strategy and work orientation for the coming years, and put forward hopes and ideas for the next step of cooperation with related parties! Finally, it concludes with "the changing situation, dare to defy difficulties, move forward boldly and run for the coming year", expressing the boldness and courage of CIMC Lingyu and its partners to stride forward despite difficulties and dangers in the changing industry. The sonorous words echoed in the meeting and were exciting

then, Mr. hubolin, general manager of CIMC Lingyu marketing company, made a marketing report for the business meeting. The report of general manager Hu was divided into two aspects: first, the industry and the overall situation of Lingyu in 2019 were reviewed and analyzed; The second is to predict the market trend in 2020, as well as Lingyu's marketing work ideas under this situation, condense his 30-year marketing experience, and put forward some suggestions to dealers. President Hu summed up with "a hundred schools of thought contend to show their style, and thousands of sails compete to take the lead", which is not only an affirmation of the achievements, but also shows unlimited confidence in the future

then Mr. Bai Laicun, director of CIMC Lingyu product center, came to the stage to make a product report. Director Bai made an in-depth interpretation of Lingyu products from three aspects: product technology innovation, product strategy and product platform planning. He said that science and technology are the primary productive forces. Lingyu products are based on "scientific and technological innovation + Lean Management" and guided by the two wheel drive development strategy. Through innovation, we promote product iteration, and are committed to providing customers with products that exceed expectations and provide sustainable driving forces for enterprises. Lingyu's R & D team has always been concerned about customers, and has devoted itself to R & D with the attitude of "gradually widening the dress belt and making people haggard for Iraq", with a large number of new products and high-quality products

with the end of the new business explanation, the morning theme meeting session was completed. It is worth mentioning that each report of this meeting ends with two poems. When the host connected these eight poems to form a "seven laws · Ling Yu's journey", the guests suddenly realized that the four reports were a unified whole, that is, Ling Yu's journey, and the scene immediately burst into warm applause

in the afternoon, there is a sub segment meeting. The engineering vehicle branch, tank truck branch, overseas branch and supplier branch will be carried out simultaneously

at the engineering vehicle branch of CIMC Lingyu business annual meeting, Zhang Minfu, head of CIMC Lingyu Financial Services Department, made a financial services report to further let participants understand Lingyu's financial instruments and policies; Wang Hanning, head of the General Department of the marketing company, made a comprehensive business support report, showing the sales performance of the year, and announced the key measures of the marketing company to support and serve the market in 2020. Later, zhuyawei, general manager of Shandong Lingyu supply chain company, shared his marketing experience on behalf of dealers. He summarized his experience from salesperson to dealer in the past 10 years and shared it with you unreservedly

innovation and response lead the trend

new products open the path of innovation of Lingyu in 2020

confirm the theme of this annual business conference - product driven development. CIMC Lingyu showed the latest products. A small auto show composed of 12 mixer cars, powder tank cars, liquid tank cars, and sanitation cars allowed the delegates to have another close contact with the products. Everyone carefully understood the products, observed the details, product workmanship, and discussed the configuration, Find your own "dishes"

mixer truck

five new series of concrete mixer trucks are mixer truck products that are more in line with domestic transportation and road conditions independently developed by absorbing foreign special vehicle design experience and combining domestic road conditions and raw material standards. The tank adopts an innovative contour design scheme, with a lower center of gravity and a larger capacity

powder tank car

powder tank car adopts a new X-shaped fluidized bed structure, adds secondary blowing aid, improves the gas unloading force, and effectively reduces the residual rate; The integral stamping frame, increased flexible connection design and combined connection can effectively avoid the impact of bad road conditions

liquid tank car

liquid tank car products adopt high-strength aluminum alloy materials, which can effectively ensure the safety of the tank and the whole vehicle; Lightweight air suspension of disc brake, which can further reduce the dead weight while complying with the regulations; The super long maintenance week is optimized from the aspects of product design, mold design, molding equipment and molding process, and the operation cost is lower

sanitation car

sanitation car, a car with multiple functions, is very practical. It has many functions, such as road washing, road watering, greening irrigation, cooling and humidification, spray dust reduction, self absorption and self drainage, auxiliary fire fighting, etc. The spray system is hydraulically driven, with stronger wind, more sufficient atomization, more stable range and wider coverage

win win cooperation heroes award

award outstanding partners who have worked hard for a year

excellent products and performance cannot be separated from excellent partners who walk side by side with Lingyu. In this annual meeting, jilingyu gave great affirmation and grand commendation to dealers, suppliers, service stations and other partners

this year's annual award is 9 cars, which are used to reward 9 companies that have won the marketing meritorious service award, the marketing meritorious service award and the marketing contribution award. In addition, there are many awards, such as market breakthrough award, channel contribution award, friendship evergreen award, overseas outstanding contribution award, overseas excellent dealer award, overseas excellent cooperation award, best supplier award, outstanding contribution Supplier Award, excellent supplier award and gold medal service provider award, which are presented to 88 units by company leaders on site

enjoy the wine and go on the journey again

the celebration dinner is the perfect end of the 2020 annual business conference

after a series of exciting reports and grand awards, the happy dinner begins, with colorful programs and exciting lottery links. In the passionate banquet hall, everyone is laughing and laughing, melting the ups and downs of the year's journey into the wine, drinking it down, and the guests and hosts are happy, This also drew a perfect conclusion for CIMC Lingyu 2020 business annual meeting

at the beginning of the 2020 new year, history has turned a new page, and we have embarked on a new journey; In the beautiful Heron Island, the years precipitate here, and the time blooms here. CIMC Lingyu and partners work together to summarize the past and plan for the future with the sense of ceremony of the business annual meeting

it's the so-called:

it's just right to step on the waves and follow the wind. People who read thousands of sails are not old

after several twists and turns, brother, create and share step by step

20205. The exposed moving parts of the instrument should be cleaned regularly with gasoline. Let's stick to our original intention, fight side by side, ride the wind and waves, and march forward

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