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Saint Gobain packaging company's glass bottles have been charged with environmental protection

Saint Gobain packaging company will pay a civil penalty of $2.2 million and install exhaust emission control devices next to the furnace, including two furnaces in Milford. According to the agreements reached with the federal government and 10 states to resolve environmental protection allegations

Saint Gobain packaging company recently announced that the company has promised to follow the EPA's weather leadership plan. By 2012, the production of 10 glass bottles per ton of large plastic market will be reduced by 16% by 4 pressing and holding the button is to l the total greenhouse gas emissions

Saint Gobain packaging will pay $1.15 million to the U.S. government and $1.1 million to other state capitals and organizations, including $100000 in compensation to Massachusetts, according to Martha cockley, the state attorney general

at the same time, the company is required to complete the technical transformation of two glass furnaces in hengmildford by 2015, install waste gas control devices to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions, upgrade or replace devices that collect waste gas from the air

"according to the consent judgment, Saint Gobain's efforts to reduce pollution will improve the air quality of mildford and its surrounding areas." Laurie Burt, Commissioner of the Massachusetts environmental protection agency, said at the press conference

Saint Gobain packaging company issued a statement, "although Saint Gobain packaging company still does not recognize the violation of the clean air law, we are still very excited to cooperate with the environmental protection agency to implement the environmental protection plan of the glass industry as the leading glass bottle packaging manufacturer that has signed an agreement with the environmental Protection Agency"

craigm, corporate image consultant of Saint Gobain packaging company. Koven, the company would not comment further

Saint Gobain packaging company, a subsidiary of Saint Gobain group, produces electronic universal experimental machines for eating less than 30t and drink glass bottles with more advantages. French enterprise Saint Gobain group also has subordinate enterprises with large-scale operations in Worcester and northboro

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