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SACMI has sold more than 80 machines in India

so far, SACMI of Italy has installed more than 80 CCM capping machines for major enterprises in the Indian terminal industry that need good transportation and packaging

these capping machines have low operating costs and can independently control each cavity mold, enabling the manufacturer to carry out high-speed total quality control for each individual bottle cap

sacmi has been providing assistance in pre-sales, during sales and after-sales services through its Mumbai branch SACMI engineering for many years, thereby providing further added value

it is reported that SACMI has the ability to provide advanced consulting services to customers in the design stage (from basic cap design to specific cap, strength and lightweight characteristics)

&ems extended function swing angle experiment speed 030 cycles/minute (settable), tacit speed: 20 times/minute p; From the perspective of bottling peers who are born in life science analysis instruments, SACMI provides a complete integrated system upstream of the production line, and improving its bottle cap production technology through iPS technology also has other uses. This is an intelligent solution for the production of PET bottle blanks; IPS can provide excellent productivity, versatility and automation solutions through the use of injection molding technology

advanced enterprises in the international industry directly conduct advanced industrial testing of the bottle cap system on SACMI beverage Rd equipment, prompting it to provide reliable assurance to customers from the initial stage of industrialization

in addition to the solutions upstream of the production line, SACMI also has a complete bottling base, covering all links from stretch blow molding to filling, labeling and terminal operation of the production line

the logistics integration system that integrates all solutions and advanced factory processes that can maximize customer efficiency ensure that customers' investment in SACMI technology can always achieve maximum benefits

sacmi will participate in India plast in New Delhi from February 28 to March 4, 2019 to demonstrate its advanced capping technology

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