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Sales easy to help Ganzhou Distribution Department of MIA ceramics enter the era of mobile CRM

recently, Ganzhou Distribution Department of kamia ceramics officially signed a contract to sell easy CRM to improve the management efficiency of the sales team, precipitate customer assets, and reduce the cumbersome complexity of the sales process

Kamiya ceramics rose in Foshan, the Millennium ceramic capital with a long history of ceramic culture. It is one of the top ten ceramic brands in China and a modern large-scale building ceramic production and management enterprise in China. It has passed ISO international quality management system, iso1400:2004 environmental management system and national 3C compulsory certification. The products have been tested by national authorities and meet the requirements of national standards gb/t, gb/t23458 2009 and class a standards in GB. The first batch of famous trademarks and famous brand products in Guangdong Province have passed the certification of high-quality ceramic products, won the honors of well-known brands of Chinese architectural ceramics entering the working state, and products with national user satisfaction; Kamiya model project covers all parts of the country, such as most Asian Games venues such as the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games Village and the Olympic Sports Center, the National Grand Theater, beichuang Jisa 4706 (2) 000 Beijing Wangfujing Street, the Ministry of public security of China, China Meteorological Station, Henan Museum, Xi'an University of science and technology, Qingdao Convention and Exhibition Center, Hunan Provincial Taxation Bureau, Jiamusi University, Wuhan University Town, Zhejiang University Town, Guangzhou Sports Center, Hainan Sanya Beauty Crown and other projects have established a good reputation for the camia ceramic brand, won market recognition and praise, and are one of the largest brands in the domestic square brick market share

general manager Zou of Ganzhou Distribution Department of camia ceramics said that with the expansion of the company's business scale, the management of sales personnel and customer resources is particularly important. Before, the company used forms and notebooks to record customer information. Now the number of customers is growing rapidly, and the management of notebooks before, after and during sales has become cumbersome and complex. General manager Zou mentioned the following urgent problems in the process of consulting with the sales department:

1 Can the salesperson control the tracking status in real time

2. Can the performance growth keep pace with the rapid increase of sales

3. How to manage the field when the salesperson goes out to visit the customer

4. Can the customer resources accumulated by the company for many years be further explored

in response to the above needs, easy to sell provides an efficient and easy to implement solution:

1. Easy to internationalize sales funnel management, which subdivides the single stage into fine parts. Sales managers can manage the follow-up of important projects at any time and anywhere, so that customers entering the signing stage can see at a glance

2. With the rapid growth of the number of salespersons, whether the per capita performance can continue to be maintained, sales easy CRM will deposit all the customer follow-up records in the system, which can enable new salespersons to quickly start and quickly analyze the customer follow-up, so as to shorten the signing cycle of new people

3. When the sales staff go out and the production range of intermediate aramid and aramid paper is listed as the second in the world, they can visit and sign in, and quickly record the follow-up situation with voice or pictures. Managers can quickly understand the work situation of field sales staff from the system, and some necessary support

4. The sale is easy to customize the high seas mechanism. Customers who have not signed a contract within the specified time or have not followed up for one month will be automatically recovered to the high seas, and other sales will expand their service claims by raising funds, make full use of the company's resources, and greatly shorten the sales cycle at the same time

easy to sell perfectly integrates core functions such as sales process, sales knowledge base, team collaboration and daily office. Through the convenient and easy-to-use mobile terminal, CRM has truly become a powerful tool for salespeople to work and make orders. There are nearly a thousand paying users for selling e-CRM enterprises. After receiving the investment of cloud angel fund, it has received Sequoia Capital's a-round and b-round ten million financing twice in half a year, and has been rated as the leading product in the mobile CRM technology evaluation industry, and won the 2014 best-selling software product award. These have further consolidated the leading position of selling e-CRM in the field of mobile cloud CRM, which is the most professional and understands sales management

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