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The sewage treatment process of selemo high-pressure multi-stage pump is constantly changing, while the traditional agitator will always operate at full load no matter how the actual demand of the on-site process changes because the rotating speed is constant. If the agitator cannot be controlled and adjusted, the energy consumption will be greatly increased. While the Feili adjustable speed agitator under sailaimo has

the sewage treatment process is constantly changing, while the traditional agitator will always operate at full load no matter how the actual needs of the on-site process change because the rotating speed is constant. If the agitator cannot be controlled and adjusted, the energy consumption will be greatly increased. The flighty adjustable speed agitator under sailaimo has adaptive technology, adopts super efficient motor with IE4 level equivalent, and the thrust is adjustable, so that managers can control everything anytime and anywhere, be ready for possible changes at any time, and do not need to replace the equipment

in the field of industrial water treatment, Salem's applications cover water treatment processes such as raw water intake, transmission, clean water treatment, sewage and wastewater treatment, industrial zero discharge, seawater desalination and industrial circulating water system. To participate in this Qingdao International Water Conference, sailaimo brought a full range of water treatment products, including horizontal end suction pump lowarae-1610, lowara efficient multi-stage centrifugal pump mp/e-mp, lowara stainless steel multi-stage centrifugal pump E-SV, lowara double suction pump gsp/e-xc, Feili submersible sewage pump and agitator

help zero emissions

"zero emissions" is a technology to realize the complete recycling of natural resources, and will not leave any waste to the atmosphere, water and soil. For China's process enterprises, the investment cost is high and the technology is difficult. Although the state gives enterprises some subsidies to encourage the promotion of zero emissions, enterprise investors are not very enthusiastic about taking the initiative to achieve zero emissions. With the improvement of China's environmental protection policies, the environmental awareness of enterprises is gradually enhanced, and the zero emission technology is gradually mature and blooming in large projects. The zero emission technology will become a major trend in the future when some domestic manufacturers can export 5 (6) item insurance industry

Yu Bin, head of Salem's China industrial sales team, said: "in the context of energy conservation and emission reduction and promoting sustainable development, low energy consumption of products is particularly important. With sophisticated technical advantages and global experience, Salem provides the Chinese market with a new generation of E-series products that are more energy-saving and efficient than traditional products, helping the industrial water treatment industry achieve energy conservation and emission reduction."

sailaimo high pressure multistage pump e-mp is widely used in industrial zero discharge and seawater desalination. Lowarae MP originated in Austria 100 years ago and is well-known in the global water industry. Through generation after generation of innovation and upgrading, it has evolved into today's e-mp multi-stage pump. This series of products adopts advanced hydraulic components, and the Mei value is much higher than the international ansi/hi standard, and also higher than the industry average efficiency of 8% (the highest). The modular design makes installation and maintenance more convenient, meets the needs of various severe working conditions, and is equipped with sailaimo type selection software to help users create hydraulic scenarios and determine the best solution according to different pumping conditions. It is worth mentioning that e-mp meets the intelligent needs of customers. Starting from the "self perception of water pumps", through data collection and industrial wireless network, it can monitor and analyze the operating conditions of equipment in real time, optimize the operating conditions of equipment based on Algorithms and models, and provide decision support for proactive preventive maintenance

practice environmental protection

during the two sessions this year, paying attention to the water environment and protecting water resources became a hot topic among deputies to the National People's Congress and members of the CPPCC. At the media conference of minister of environmental protection Li Ganjie, the Ministry of environmental protection of the people's Republic of China has put forward clear working ideas and specific measures for "further promoting the action plan for water pollution prevention and control and resolutely fighting the battle for clean water". To implement these specific measures, we need to do a good job in infrastructure construction, upgrade and transform the existing sewage treatment system, and promote scientific and efficient solutions, which brings development opportunities to environmental protection enterprises in the water industry such as selaimer

taking Luxi Chemical Industry as an example, it has taken many measures to actively carry out the "zero discharge of wastewater" treatment activities, using mechanical filtration, desalination membrane treatment, wastewater concentration and other methods to recycle wastewater. For wastewater with high COD and ammonia nitrogen, the high-pressure membrane filtration test has achieved obvious results. In 2016, sailaimo provided several MP and ICC pumps in Luxi Chemical Phase I project. During the operation of phase I, sailaimo's products won the trust of customers with low operation noise, energy saving, reliable quality and fast after-sales service, thus winning orders again in Luxi Chemical Phase II project in 2018

in addition to endowing the enterprise with the ability of green environmental protection, the renewable environmental protection of thaleimer in the enterprise is also concerned by many environmentalists. The World Water Day "walk for water" and the global charity action "watermark plan" carried out by the Ministry of environmental protection all show the cultivation of environmental protection awareness of thaleimer's staff and the commitment of society, practice the practice of environmental protection, jointly pay attention to environmental crisis, and deeply understand the mission and significance of work, It enables selaimer to "constantly charge" in the industry and dissipate luminous heat

conform to the wave of intelligence

intelligence is the wave, and it is the general trend. With the development of smart cities and the wide application of new technologies such as IOT, cloud computing and next-generation interconnection, smart water is becoming one of the symbols of the informatization level of smart city management. Smart water can also purchase multiple sets of equipment at the same time. The development of production services also promotes the continuous transformation of relevant industries. Salem is the leader in the industry on the road of positive transformation. Yu Bin said, "the latest corporate strategy of thaleimer is to transform from an enterprise focusing on pumps and valves to a top supplier of intelligent technology solutions in the global water industry."

in order to enhance its own soft power, Salem has enriched its product line and expanded its new business through acquisition and technology integration in the past two years. In China, selaimer has launched a self-developed smart water cloud platform to equip traditional pumps with "tentacles" to make them more intelligent, so that customers can remotely control or collect data to help customers improve efficiency. This innovation also gives selaimer brand higher value. Thaleimer adheres to technological innovation and promotes the application of IOT technology in the water industry. Following the launch of aquata in 2017, this experiment can also include wrapping, untwisting and even rewinding LK smart water cloud platform of special programs, the second-generation aquatalk smart water cloud platform will be tested and released in China in early 2019. The upgraded thaleimer smart water cloud platform 2.0 is integrated with big data analysis and preventive maintenance technology, It realizes the powerful functions of interconnection of things, information sharing and integrated dispatching of multiple pump stations

the forward-looking perspective, innovative genes, empowering enterprises and undertaking the society have made selaimer calm in the highly competitive market and constantly burst into new energy. The business of Salem China has maintained double-digit growth in the past few years. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, with the help of the east wind of the battle for pollution prevention and control, Salem's domestic business has developed rapidly. With the continuous increase of domestic water infrastructure assets, Salem will pay more attention to water infrastructure asset management in the future, and use advanced IOT, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to provide intelligent solutions such as analysis, operation optimization, asset evaluation and disposal for domestic water infrastructure, so as to ensure that water infrastructure can play its role to the greatest extent

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