The hottest prediction is that the short-term tita

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it is expected that the short-term titanium dioxide market will not fluctuate.

as the Spring Festival approaches, most titanium manufacturers have entered the shutdown stage, the market supply and demand are relatively low, and the trading atmosphere is cold. Titanium ore market continues to operate steadily, and the willingness of downstream and middlemen to hoard goods is still not high. The tax free quotation of 46.5% titanium ore in Panzhihua is mainly concentrated in yuan/ton, and the quotation of some merchants can be as low as 720 yuan/ton, while that of China National Mining Corporation can be as low as 420 yuan/ton

the inventory pressure of titanium dioxide market is still large, and merchants are willing to ship cash out. Some say that they can ship as long as there is demand, and the transaction price continues to decline. At present, the mainstream quotation of rutile titanium dioxide is concentrated in yuan/ton, and the fatigue fracture of anatase 1 is obviously divided into two areas: relatively smooth crack expansion area and relatively rough fracture area yuan/ton, and the actual transaction price can be lower than the quotation of 1000 yuan/ton or more. The pre micro Angel alliance attempts to establish a bridge between local governments and start-ups. It is difficult for the titanium market to fluctuate in the short term

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