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The forum of embracing xiong'an China's water-based coatings innovation and development (xiong'an) opened on the 21st

the forum of embracing xiong'an China's water-based coatings innovation and development (xiong'an) opened on the 21st

June 20, 2019

the forum of China's water-based coatings innovation and development (xiong'an) will officially open on the 21st of this month. The activity lasts for two days and will last until the 22nd. With the theme of "focusing on industrial consensus and cooperation, focusing on green development for the future", this forum will focus on the panoramic business governance of the upstream and downstream of the water-based coating industry, the alliance operation mechanism to drive industrial innovation and development, relevant encouragement and support policies, as well as the needs and difficult problems in the process of further improving the manufacturing technology level and overall strength of the water-based coating industry in the process of market promotion and coating construction

it was learned from the official notice that the event was organized by Hebei Chenyang industry and Trade Group Co., Ltd. and longmang Bailian Group Co., Ltd., with the China chemical industry society as the guiding unit, and hosted by the China waterborne coatings industry strategic alliance. It will organize more than 200 upstream and downstream enterprises to participate in the event, bringing together more than 500 people

with the purpose of "promoting the technological progress and industrialization of the water-based coating industry", the China water-based coating industry strategic alliance carries out academic exchanges, enlivens academic thinking, and promotes the development of disciplines, so as to jointly tackle major structural problems and key technologies that are difficult to control, measure, and operate, which restrict the development of the industry, and drive the overall improvement of the independent innovation ability and international competitiveness of relevant industries and industries in China

the Forum on innovation and development of China's water-based coatings (xiong'an) was held under the responsibility framework of the strategic alliance of China's water-based coatings industry, giving full play to the industry attributes of the alliance, aiming to provide a platform and promote exchanges. Through the joint efforts of all participating members, we are committed to realizing the mutual integration and effective linkage of the analysis results of the industrial chain, so as to further accelerate the promotion, popularization and scientific research and technological progress of water-based coatings, Accelerate the process of waterborne coating in China. The event not only caters to the background of the era of water paint, but also meets the needs of the era of continuous development of "oil to water"

from a macro perspective, China's water-based paint market still needs to be improved, and the R & D strength, industrial scale and brand popularity of water-based paint enterprises need to be further improved. The convening of China water-based paint innovation and development (xiong'an) forum is to focus on these problems, build a platform, gather strength, and widely gather consensus as building reinforcement materials, so as to enhance the overall strength and influence of the industry

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