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From the perspective of structure, commissioning and installation, the furnace shell of the integrated muffle furnace is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate by folding and welding, working 1 Whether the experimenter's operation is correct; The chamber is made of high-quality silicon carbide refractory, and the high-quality thermal insulation material is used as the thermal insulation layer between the furnace and the furnace shell. In order to reduce the heat loss at the furnace mouth and improve the temperature uniformity in the furnace, a heat shield made of high-quality refractory materials is installed inside the furnace door. The automatic control system for measuring, indicating and adjusting the temperature in the furnace is completed by XMT series temperature controller. The instrument is equipped with a broken couple protection device, which can automatically cut off the power supply when the temperature measuring thermocouple is disconnected during the heating process, so as to ensure the safety of the electric furnace and the processed workpiece

muffle furnace, also known as box type resistance furnace and high temperature oven, is a periodic electric furnace, which can be used by industrial and mining enterprises Research institutes and other laboratories do chemical analysis, but research at the University of Texas in Austin also focuses on graphene composites, said Rodney ruoff "The author reports that the high-temperature furnace can also be used for high-temperature heating such as sintering, dissolution and analysis of metals and ceramics. It is also widely used for high-temperature sintering and analysis experiments in chemical, food, plastic, rubber and other industries.

the design style of muffle furnace can be divided into two styles: integrated muffle furnace and split muffle furnace, and many products of integrated muffle furnace Advantages can better meet the requirements of safe and efficient experiments

first, from the structure: the integrated structure adopted by the integrated muffle furnace, that is, the furnace body and the console are a whole. Split muffle furnace is composed of furnace body and temperature controller.

II. Commissioning: because the integrated muffle furnace is an integrated structure, all electrical appliances are installed in place. Each equipment is independently powered on before leaving the factory and passes the commissioning. The furnace is generally separated from the muffle type controller for debugging. Generally, the debugging of furnace body is to measure whether the resistance is normal, and the controller checks whether the action of temperature control meter is normal

III. installation: before leaving the factory, the furnace body, temperature control, sensors, power lines, temperature compensation wires, load power lines, etc. of the integrated muffle furnace have been installed and left the factory. After purchasing, users can use it directly as long as they connect the power supply. The annual compound growth rate from 2014 to 2020 is expected to be 7.2%. Split muffle furnace is composed of furnace body and temperature controller. Users need to install it again after purchasing. Power lines, sensors and other accessories must be installed correctly, otherwise the equipment will be burned out


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