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Key points for the purchase of concrete mixer truck

compared with the structural diagram of the mixer truck, this paper introduces the matters needing attention in the purchase one by one from the aspects of the loading capacity of the mixer truck, the manufacturer, the chassis of the mixer truck, hydraulic transmission parts and the performance of the whole vehicle

(1) loading capacity of mixer truck. At present, the loading capacity of domestic mixer trucks mainly includes 6m3, 7m3, 8m3, 9m3, 1om3 and 12m3, of which 8m3 mixer truck is the largest one in the market. With the rise of concrete mixing plants equipped with 3m3 mixing machines, 9m3 and 10m3 mixing trucks are increasingly favored by users. Since the chassis of 12m3 concrete mixer truck is 8 × 4 driving mode, with a turning radius of 6 × 4. The chassis is too large for construction in urban areas. Therefore, it is installed at 6 × 4. The 8 ~ 1om3 concrete mixer truck on the chassis has become the mainstream product in the market

(2) manufacturer. For mixer manufacturers, the difference in manufacturing level is mainly reflected in the manufacturing level of mixing drum. As the mixing drum is the working mechanism of concrete mixing and transportation, the mixing quality and discharge performance of concrete during transportation are poor, and the fundamental reason is that the manufacturing technology of the mixing drum is not up to standard. The wear resistance of the mixing drum manufacturing materials determines the service life of the mixing drum. The performance and price of the materials are different. Generally, the mixing truck with good brand reputation has better selection of mixing drum materials

the production of mixer trucks is a capital intensive and labor-intensive industry. The chassis and main hydraulic transmission parts account for 80-90% of the total cost of products. According to the current declining sales price, without a certain production batch, it is difficult to reduce the cost. Therefore, manufacturers with an annual output of more than 200-300 units should be selected, so that after-sales service and parts supply will be guaranteed. If you plan to build a commercial concrete mixing plant, you'd better choose all supporting manufacturers (mixing plant, mixing truck, pump truck and trailer pump) or some supporting manufacturers. In this way, there will be less problems in product quality and after-sales service, and a certain discount will be obtained in price

(3) mixer truck chassis. The automobile chassis is the most expensive part of the concrete mixer truck and the most expensive part of the maintenance cost in use. The truck chassis of the mixer truck is divided into imported chassis and domestic chassis. The imported chassis is superior to the domestic chassis in terms of performance, comfort, reliability and emission standards, while the domestic chassis has great advantages in terms of price and service points. For the chassis, the focus is mainly on the engine power and torque, fuel consumption, tires, frame, driving comfort and emission standards of the chassis

due to the large gap between the overall performance of domestic vehicles and developed countries, imported vehicle chassis with better performance is mostly selected for the production of concrete mixer truck chassis, so as to ensure that the vehicle has low failure rate, low cost and low loss cost in the process of use. The mixer truck manufacturer only has the problem of selection in the whole vehicle manufacturing, and it is impossible to fundamentally solve the chassis problem; When selecting the chassis, users should not only consider the performance of the chassis itself and whether the chassis can get the timely support and parts supply from the chassis manufacturer, but also consider the local emission requirements, the financial strength of the buyer and the requirements for the fullness of the transportation volume. The fuller the workload, the higher the reliability requirements of the mixer truck

(4) hydraulic transmission parts. Due to the poor working conditions, the concrete mixer truck has high requirements for the quality and reliability of hydraulic transmission parts. If it breaks down during construction, it will be troublesome. At present, there are two configurations of hydraulic transmission system in the market: one is the split configuration, which is composed of hydraulic oil pump, hydraulic motor, cooler and reducer. This configuration is mature, reliable and convenient; The other is a three in one configuration, which is composed of hydraulic oil pump and three in one reducer (including hydraulic motor, radiator and reducer). This configuration has high integration, convenient installation and beautiful appearance. However, since the oil used in the hydraulic system is the same as that used in the reducer, the requirements for oil are more strict

(5) vehicle performance. The performance of the refitted vehicle is mainly reflected in the handling, lateral stability and the performance of the mixing drum. ① Maneuverability. It is mainly reflected in the driver's steering feeling during heavy load. According to the relevant national safety standards, the bridge load of the steering axle during heavy load should not be less than 20% of the total mass of the whole vehicle. Less than this value will cause the vehicle to drift and affect the control ability of the whole vehicle. The steering axle load is too heavy, which will lead to too heavy steering, tire heating and insufficient braking force. Therefore, considering the particularity of the mixer truck (the concrete installed is semi fluid, especially the slump is large), the center of gravity will move backward when starting on the slope, and special attention should be paid to the purchase. ② Lateral stability. The turning speed of heavy-duty mixer truck and the height of its center of gravity have a great impact on the lateral stability. The turning speed with the largest influence factor needs to be controlled by the driver's safety awareness, and the height of its center of gravity is affected by design and manufacturing. At present, the inclination angle of the mixing drum of 8m3 mixer truck in the market is generally 15., There are also some 13.. It can be said that the smaller the angle is, the more beneficial it is to reduce the center of gravity. At the same time, it also improves the trafficability and discharging performance. ③ Mixing drum. The arrangement of mixing blades mainly affects the performance of mixing drum. At present, there are two technologies for the arrangement of mixing blades in the market, one from Japan and the other from Europe. Japanese technology is characterized by large pitch, few blade circles and fast discharging speed. The characteristics of European technology are just the opposite, that is, the pitch is small and the number of turns is large. The cooperation with Alibaba is not just an ordinary commercial cooperation. The discharging speed is relatively slow, but the wear of blades is relatively small. In order to save fuel, users generally hope that the idling discharge speed will be faster and can keep up with the pumping speed of the pump truck or trailer pump. Some domestic manufacturers have absorbed the advantages of the two. The pitch of the mixing blade is between the two. The design of variable pitch of the mixing blade not only ensures a faster idle discharge speed, but also meets the pumping needs of pump trucks and towed pumps. Users should also pay attention to the materials selected for the mixing drum and mixing blade. At present, 16Mn plate is widely used, and the application of new high wear-resistant alloy steel materials is also gradually increasing

in addition, with the strengthening of urban environmental protection, the punishment for dropping concrete on urban roads is quite severe, so the problem of material leakage of concrete mixer trucks is also of great concern. There are two main points to solve the problem of material leakage: first, the charging volume of the mixing drum should be large enough. Generally, it has become the goal of the plastic extruder industry to measure the precision based on the volume of water. The water loading volume of the mixer truck is generally controlled to be 13% - 15% greater than the rated loading volume, which is higher than 5% of the German standard; The other is that in case of leakage, remedial measures should be taken. Generally, anti leakage baffles should be equipped, so that in case of leakage, the material will not fall on the ground

to sum up, when choosing a concrete mixer truck, users should be able to be 1 The data of the built-in lighting system and inner box adopts the data of resistance to combustion; The design principle and production process are comprehensively examined, and some details such as appearance and color can be selected according to personal preferences. However, for the comprehensive evaluation of product quality, it is best to listen to the suggestions of users with experience in use, so as to buy satisfactory products

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