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The 4000t/d clinker cement production line project of Guangxi Denggao group Dongni Co., Ltd. is located in Dongning Development Zone, Tiandong County, Guangxi, 7km away from the center of Tiandong county. A rotary kiln cement production line project with the latest international and domestic scientific and technological achievements is constructed by the second construction equipment installation engineering Co., Ltd. of Guangxi construction engineering group. The whole production line is fully automatic, and the key equipment is imported from Germany and Denmark

II. Characteristics of steel structure construction

steel structure construction is divided into factory processing and on-site installation (this paper aims at the on-site installation part). The speed of steel structure on-site installation is relatively fast. The first time is to give customers the fastest problem solving. Most of the time of installation operators are exposed to the open air high-altitude working surface, and check whether the universal tensile test motor source indicator light is turned on; Check whether it is online after 10s of restart; Check whether the communication line between the experimental machine and the computer is connected normally; Check whether the USB hardware driver is normal in the equipment manager. The construction (installation) process is basically in the environment of up-down cross operation. As the key point of safety prevention in the construction of high-rise steel structure, attention should be paid to preventing High-altitude Falling and object strike. This paper briefly discusses the key points of safety prevention in the construction stage of steel structure at the end of firing kiln in the 5000t/d clinker cement production line project of Guangxi Denggao group Dongni Co., Ltd

III. safety protection measures for steel structure construction

1. Safety protection of steel structure: steel structure construction (installation) is generally made according to a certain height in the factory, and the tower is made according to the height of each floor of 12 ~ 13m. The construction speed to the site is relatively fast. The installation operators spend most of their working time working or walking on narrow main and secondary beams. Taking the steel structure of our project as an example, the height of each floor is 12 ~ 13m, and the 2m high-altitude operation standard as the base point, which has exceeded the requirements of high-altitude operation safety protection. Therefore, when the column base is installed - 3.5m, if conditions permit, double-layer horizontal safety protection should be hung, A layer of horizontal safety protection shall be added when installing each section of main structural column, and the protection distance between horizontal safety protection and high-altitude operation personnel generally shall not exceed 10m

considering that after the safety suspension, the sparks splashed during welding are very likely to cause safe combustion and fire accidents, according to the specific situation of our project, when installing the column, the beam column joint bracket has been welded in advance. After fixing the column, when installing the beam, the bracket is directly used as the operating platform, and the "O" ring is welded on the column head as the safety belt. In this way, it has become an economical, practical, convenient and fast safety protection

2. Floor edge safety protection: the edge protection of steel structure construction floor is one of the important protection work in the whole safety protection. It is different from the conventional edge protection. Before laying the floor slab, two safety protection ropes must be set, and the height of the protection rope should not be less than 1.2m. When laying the floor slab, the edge protection should be synchronously set as steel pipe safety protection fence. At this time, the protection fence can generally be hung. The height of edge protection should be 1 5m, but not less than 1.2m. The upper and lower horizontal poles are painted with red and white paint to indicate that crossing is prohibited

IV. safety measures during the installation of beams and columns

1. Production and installation of operation ladders: ladders that are convenient for operators to get up and down must be installed before the steel column is hoisted, so as to facilitate the lifting of hooks and the up and down of personnel during the installation of steel beams. Generally, the installation of ladders should be determined according to the height of components, and the ladders should be bound and fixed for steel columns more than 6m. In Benxi Steel Tower, the height of each column is greater than 12 m, said the spokesman of the Ministry of health. For the reuse and safety of ladders, equal angle steel (∠ 50) is used for each ladder × 5) Four fixed points are set and welded firmly on the column. Spiral steel bars shall be selected for ladder fabrication, and round steel is prohibited. The ladder shall be installed before the steel column is hoisted. During the installation, the welding points of the cross bar hanging the ladder and the welding points of each step of the ladder shall be checked to prevent accidents in the use process caused by weld crack and desoldering

2. Operation platform: the operation platform is one of the safety measures to ensure the installation and welding of large steel members by the beam and column installation operators

the operating platform is generally built with steel pipes, and the skeleton can also be used ∠ 70 × 5 angle iron, others use ∠ 50 × 5. Angle iron is made, 2m long and 2m wide, and the height of double guardrail is not less than 1.2m. It is erected to the top of the column, symmetrical around, and fastened with the beam and column. Both main and secondary beams can be used during installation

3. Safety handrail rope: it refers to the safety protection rope used to ensure that operators can grasp and lean by hand when working and walking on the main and secondary beams. It is one of the important measures to ensure the safety of operators in steel structure construction

⑴ the connection between steel column and main beam adopts Ф 10mm steel wire rope is used as the safety handrail rope, and the secondary beam can be used Ф 10mm white palm rope is used as safety rope. After the safety rope is fixed, a red cloth belt should be tied on the rope every 2m as a display sign to remind the operator to hang the safety belt on the handrail rope in time during the operation

⑵ the steel wire safety rope must be firmly tied to the column at the beam end. When the construction personnel walk up the steel beam, they must put their own safety belt on the handrail. Under the current economic situation, China can provide a source of demand development rope to prevent falling. Generally, the safety rope should be hoisted on the steel column, and the adjusting rod should be installed with the stable steel column

( Ф one hundred and eight × 6) and install it at the same time. Generally, the binding height of safety rope should be 1 Between 5m, it is convenient for operators to hang safety belts, and it is also used as a safety handrail rope when operators walk on the steel beam. The safety rope must be fixed with a U-shaped clip of the same model as the steel wire rope

4. Use of fall arrester: in order to ensure the personal safety of the operator when going up and down the steel column, each column must be equipped with a fall arrester during installation. When the installer goes up and down, he must hang the safety belt on the hook of the fall arrester to avoid falling accidents. The safety fall arrester must be installed on the upper part of the use, that is, it must be hung high and used low. It is forbidden to hang horizontally or hang low and use high. It can be used Ф 16mm white palm rope is used as a fall arrester. During installation, the top end is fixed on the steel column, and the following is fixed on the ladder every 2m

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