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The key points of market strategy of packaging design

packaging is one of the important means to expand and occupy the market, which makes more and more businesses put the improvement of packaging design in the important position of their market strategy

nowadays, people like to buy goods in supermarkets. In supermarkets, similar products are often placed together, making the competition between them increasingly intense. At this time, in addition to the brand and quality of the product itself, packaging can most make consumers have a desire to buy. Products with strong packaging impact can often affect consumers' purchasing consciousness. Some businesses found this, and began to make great efforts in packaging, striving to attract consumers with pleasing packaging, and taking the lead in the competition of similar products. Good design increases chips in shopping malls and brings more generous business returns to enterprises. This practice is especially reflected in foreign big brands and some joint venture famous brands

unfortunately, many small and medium-sized enterprises in China are only concerned with Meeting immediate interests and are unwilling to highlight distinctive personalities by changing packaging design. The reason is that they need to increase equipment and costs, and they are not sure whether they can sell at a good price. This mentality reminds people of the competition story in the era of surging industrial products in the world 70 years ago. At that time, many business owners launched a large number of products, but did not pay attention to the appearance and packaging. American Raymond Rowe, a master of product design with unique ideas, is facing the double squeeze of rising cost rigidity and falling metal prices. Uyghur people cannot sell products at a good price without good design and packaging. He thus created the famous concept of commodity aesthetics: "things are ugly and sell badly". His packaging concept was recognized after the cruel reality of the great depression. In 1929, the whole United States fell into the great depression, and many enterprises managed to get out of trouble. That year, a boss gave Rowe a telecom product with an ugly shell and can't be sold to change his appearance. Rowe used the principle of aerodynamics to design a streamlined new machine with a much more handsome appearance, which sold at a good price. In 1935, Rowe redesigned the shape of a bulky and unsightly refrigerator, resulting in the sales of three refrigerators. In 1940, Rowe improved the non-metallic packaging of "good luck" cigarettes, increasing its sales by 25%. In 1948, Rowe designed Coca Cola beverage bottles, which made Coca Cola go to the world in new clothes, and continued to perform successfully

of course, people engaged in packaging design cannot take consumer demand and market trend lightly. Only if the design level is not continuously improved and the consumer behavior is deeply understood, can the designed things have room for survival. Therefore, packaging design must be based on the world fashion trend. Principles that should be followed: 1. The decoration design of bestsellers should pursue economic results based on value engineering. The key elements of design are to improve the protective function of packaging and expand the use function of packaging. Therefore, the concept of opposite value engineering is more important. We should use the most economical cost to achieve the purpose of packaging. Second, packaging art design aims to attract consumers' eyeballs. The direction of art design is to highlight the characteristics and image of products through art forms such as shapes, patterns, colors and words, so as to attract the attention of consumers. Third, the function of packaging to transmit information has been agreed to have "selling points". With the increasingly mature and strong development of China's market economy and the intensive introduction of central and local environmental protection policies, packaging design should pay particular attention to the transmission of commodity information. Marketing experts in western countries believe that "packaging is a silent salesman", "packaging is an advertising tool", "packaging tip provides convenience and safety for consumers"... These packaging design concepts reflect the spirit of packaging services and will naturally bring economic fruits. Fourth, advocating green and environmental protection in packaging is the embodiment of the scientific concept of development. Green packaging is the meaning of packaging design in the 21st century. It not only requires packaging products to be easy to degrade in terms of material selection, but also considers the recycling of packaging waste. In recent years, the "green capitalist" advocated by foreign countries is to make profits under the protection of the environment; The "green consumption guide" requires consumers to be good at protecting the environment

in a word, today's packaging design is no longer just the design of the ultimate technical function and appearance, with special emphasis on the safe use of products and green regeneration design. At the same time, it is required to have the function of transmitting information, advertising and even anti-counterfeiting. These should be the meaning of packaging design

packaging design is an old and young discipline, and it is a system engineering of multidisciplinary, multi-level and comprehensive knowledge application. Whether the packaging design can meet the requirements of the times depends on the transformation and investment of Shanghai chlor alkali electrolysis plant. Therefore, the development of the packaging industry should adhere to the "people-oriented" policy, and pay attention to the packaging design idea of "people-oriented" - packaging is a kind of service; We should also "put people first" in the development of packaging design - pay attention to the cultivation and use of talents

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