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Advantages of precision repair welding machine in mold repair application

mold plays an extremely important role in modern industrial production, and its quality directly affects the quality of products. Improving the service life and service life of the mold and shortening the manufacturing cycle of the mold are the technical problems that many enterprises urgently need to solve. During the production and use of molds, there are often technical problems (corner collapse, deformation, cracks, wear, 1. Horizontal horizontal tensile structure pores, etc.). Therefore, it is also necessary to repair (repair welding) the mold

precision repair welding machine developed by Shanghai LANGXIAN company. Based on the technology of argon welding, it has made major technological innovation and breakthrough. The precision of its welding repair is comparable to that of laser welding. The advantages of argon welding machine and laser welding machine in repair are integrated. It is a high-tech product with convenient and flexible use, high welding repair accuracy, small heat effect and fast speed. So as to meet the technical needs of our customers for the repair of molds, castings and various workpieces. It should be noted that GB 4806.1 (2) 016 national food safety standard general safety requirements for food contact materials and products

at present, in the industry of repairing molds, the commonly used equipment are: laser welding machine, argon arc welding machine, cold welding machine, etc. Now the differences between our WS series repair welding machine and it are listed as follows:

(I). Laser welding machine:

advantages: high repair precision, small heat affected area, suitable for the repair of precision molds

disadvantages: 1. The applicable diameter of welding wire is relatively small, generally 0.2mm and 0.4mm, which is difficult to repair for workers with slightly larger welding repair amount. Therefore, the welding wire is expensive and the efficiency is relatively low

2. It is large, inconvenient to move, and not suitable for field operation

3. Welding repair needs to be operated on the workbench, and slightly larger molds and workpieces cannot be operated

4. It is convenient to repair the damage in the straight line, but it is difficult to repair the defects with irregular shape

(II). Argon arc welding machine:

advantages: complete welding materials and fast repair speed

disadvantages: 1. The heat affected area during welding repair is relatively large, and the workpiece is easy to cause (collapse, deformation, undercut, etc.) with a high probability. It is especially difficult to grasp when closing the edge. Usually there is a weld, or it is welded for a week

2. The welding repair accuracy is low, and the mold with high accuracy requirements cannot meet the welding repair requirements

3. Many mold welding repairs require preheating, heat preservation and other processes, which are cumbersome and time-consuming

4. It requires rich operation experience and welding repair in a special place

(III) cold welding machine: disadvantages: 1. The welding repair accuracy and finish are low

2. There are few welding materials. Generally, only nickel based welding wires or tungsten carbide can be used

3. The welding repair speed is slow, which does not meet the needs of rapid production in the factory

4. The bonding degree is low after welding, and separation is easy to occur

(IV). WS repair welding machine features:

1. Extremely high repair welding accuracy

because the output current and time of this welding machine are accurately controlled, the current (a) and time (MS) can be adjusted arbitrarily, and 2A small current can also operate stably, so even 0.1mm and 0.2mm welding wires can also get perfect welding The welding accuracy of laser welding machine is achieved

2. Minimal welding repair impact

due to the adoption of patented technology, the arc starting current and time of the welding machine are reduced by several times compared with the general argon welding, which overcomes the impact on the workpiece during the welding repair process, and even the machined surface of the workpiece without machining allowance can be repaired

3. Minimal thermal effect

because the welding repair current and time are accurately controlled, the input energy can be accurately controlled to ensure that the input energy is only enough for the fusion between the welding wire and the workpiece, and there will not be too much energy acting on the workpiece, so as to minimize the thermal impact on the surface of the workpiece and achieve the ideal repair effect

4. Extremely high bonding degree

the bonding degree of this welder after welding is extremely high, which can reach the bonding degree of argon arc welding. It can be applied to various processing methods, and there will be no other phenomena such as weak bonding and falling off after welding

5, applicable to different parts 7 The rear suspension is a whole connecting rod design position welding repair

a, and the welding repair of depressions, holes and holes in the plane

b, fine seams, grooves

c, edges and corners, ridges and peaks

d, sand holes and peripheral depressions after ordinary argon arc welding

e, repair welding, EDM, nitriding and soft nitriding treated molds

6. The output control is accurate. It uses 64 CPU control and intelligent storage. Ordinary people can operate it with a little training. In addition, its flexibility and wide adaptability make it popular in the market

7. The corresponding range of welding materials is wide, and the diameter below HRC62 is 0 All kinds of welding wires of 0mm can be used. All kinds of tools and dies below HRC62 can be perfectly welded. With the combination of various functions, the mold after nitriding can be perfectly welded after chromium plating, as well as the edges and corners of the knife edge

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