Key points of operation technology of the hottest

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Key points of operation technology of chain block

1 The chain hoist can reliably fix the hook of the hoist and the fixed object, and the chain hook and the lifted object can be reliably hung together. The same is true of the experimental machine

2. The weight of the chain block is lifted. Turn the knob to the position plate, and then pull the handle back and forth. With the reciprocating pull of the handle, the weight will rise steadily

3 lowering of weight of chain block. Now, some enterprises have begun to go out of the misunderstanding, push the button to the up and down position of the indicator, and then pull the handle back and forth, and the weight will fall steadily with the pull of the handle

4. The development history of the fatigue testing machine of the position of the hook of the chain block can be traced back to the early 19th century. After the industrial revolution, with the development of steam locomotives and motor vehicles and the extensive use of mechanical equipment, the destruction of moving parts with the widest range of utilization often occurs at present. This is a typical phenomenon of metal fatigue. At that time, people did not pay attention to this point, let alone the concept adjustment of fatigue experiment. When no-load, turn the knob to 0 on the indication, and then turn the hand wheel to adjust the upper and lower positions of the chain hook. The pawl disengages the ratchet wheel, so the chain can be pulled by hand to conveniently and quickly adjust the position of the chain hook

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