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Key points of drug packaging identification

1. The general name of the drug shall be clearly marked in Chinese. If there is a commodity name, the ratio of the general name to the commodity name shall not be less than 1; 2. There should be a certain gap between the general name and the commodity name, which should not be used together

2. The large package label should indicate the name and specification of the drug, but according to the requirements of the spring, the storage, production date, production batch number, expiry date, approval number, production enterprise and necessary contents other than those specified in the instructions, including packaging capacity, transportation precautions or other marks

3. The label of the medium-sized package shall indicate the name of the drug, main ingredients, properties, indications or functions, usage and dosage, adverse reactions, contraindications, specifications, storage, production date, production batch number, expiry date, approval number, production enterprise, etc

4. According to its size, the inner packaging label should include the drug name, indication or function indication, usage and dosage, specification, storage, production date, production batch number, expiration date, production enterprise, etc. as far as possible, but it must be marked with the drug name, specification and production batch number

5. The specific expression of validity on the label should be: validity to × year × Month

6. The package of each minimum sales unit of drugs must be printed or pasted with labels and instructions as required

7. The general name, ingredients, specifications, manufacturer, approval number, product batch number, production year-on-year decrease of 14.3pct date, expiry date, indications or functions, usage, dosage, contraindications, adverse reactions and precautions of the drug must be indicated on the label or instruction

8. The size of narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, toxic drugs for medical use, radioactive loaded indenters and bases, and the labels of drugs for external use and over-the-counter drugs must be printed with the specified signs

9. Non drugs shall not carry out publicity with relevant contents such as prevention, treatment and diagnosis of human diseases on their packaging, labels, instructions 2.3 nitrogen flame retardants and relevant publicity materials; However, unless otherwise provided by laws and administrative regulations

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