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2017 construction machinery industry operation status and trend analysis

2017 construction machinery industry operation status and trend analysis

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the recovery of construction machinery at the bottom of this year is relatively clear, and the recovery of the industry will last until the first half of next year. The project is oriented to the R & D and production of wide width aluminum alloy medium and thick plates for transportation and aluminum based composite plate, strip and foil for heat transmission. In the first half of this year, the sales of most of the nine main products of construction machinery increased negatively year-on-year, but by October, the growth rate of most products had changed from negative to positive, the most obvious of which was excavators, with a cumulative increase of 16.9% in the first October. From now on, the bottom of the industry has been relatively clear, and the recovery trend of the industry has a certain time inertia, which can be maintained until the first half of 2017. The three main products of construction machinery are excavators, loaders and concrete machinery. The recovery of these three products represents the real rise of the industry. Now excavators have been relatively obvious, loaders still have negative growth, and concrete lacks timely data statistics. For excavator products, the profit of small excavation is thin, and medium and large excavation is the main source of profit. Now it is a good sign that the sales volume of medium and large excavation products has also rebounded; For loader products, domestic brands have great advantages, with a market share of more than 90%. The performance and price advantages make it difficult for foreign brands to enter; The size of concrete products is more than 50cm longer and wider than the base of hydraulic universal material testing machine, and the profits are relatively rich. It was once the main competitive point of Sany and Zoomlion

the industry has experienced a decline in the past few years, and the business environment has improved significantly. After the tide of 4trillion investment ebbed, the construction machinery industry fell all the way. At the peak of the excavator industry, there were more than 100 enterprises, and now there are only more than 20. In the past, when the industry was booming, it developed extensively and expanded blindly without paying attention to customer quality and cash flow, causing many problems. Now, after the ebb tide, the remaining enterprises and customers are of high quality, and the customers with procurement needs have actual needs. Construction machinery enterprises pay more attention to the collection and cash flow when selling. Now the overall business environment of the industry has been greatly improved

the profit base will gradually recover and will improve in 2017. The profit situation from January to October this year, the scale of revenue is still shrinking, and the profit is still negative, but the process of removing production capacity and inventory has basically gone almost last year. In the first half of this year, many enterprises were still in order production, but it was found that it was no longer possible after July. Customers' orders were urgent, and some companies hired laid-off workers back with high salaries. Now we often talk about whether the industry is in the end. From now on, we can say that the industry has been in the end, and 17 years will be better than 16 years

future opportunities of the industry: stock upgrading, new technology and new mode transformation. Stock update: with the introduction of relevant national systems and measures on "air pollution prevention and control", among the market holdings of more than 7 million construction machinery, about 2.4 million old equipment will be phased out as the power source of material testing machines, which will free up effective market space for the sales market of new construction machinery and play a positive role in stimulating the market demand of construction machinery, while PCU biological stability needs further research. New technology: machine manufacturing will become artificial intelligence. Internet + manufacturing is an issue that all traditional manufacturing industries in the world are trying to transform. A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform will bring earth shaking changes to the industry. New business model change: for large-scale construction machinery equipment, the future will be the combination of online and offline and logistics

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