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Changes and trends of LED display channels in 2018

this famous business saying has now been recognized by the majority of LED display enterprises. In recent years, the major display companies in the industry have greatly increased their investment in the construction of their own channels, increased the expansion of channels, and actively laid out new channels. Channel seems to have become a priority for the development of LED display enterprises

I. what is a channel

1.1 definition of channel channel (English: Channel) usually refers to canals and ditches, which are channels of water flow. As a marketing term, channel is introduced into the commercial field, which is fully called distribution channel (place), which refers to the channel and distribution system of the company's product sales. According to the American Marketing Association (AMA), the definition of channel is: the organizational unit within the company and the structure of agents, wholesalers and retailers outside the company

1.2 classification of channels

channels can be divided into long and short. According to the level of intermediary intervention, channels are usually divided by stages, such as zero level channels, primary channels, secondary channels, tertiary channels, etc. Generally speaking, the longer and more channels, the greater the possibility of the expansion of the enterprise's product market, but at the same time, the lower the enterprise's control over product sales and the clarity of information feedback

1.3 the channels of LED display enterprises are different from daily FMCG and household appliances. LED display has engineering attributes, mainly customization, and product sales have high requirements for professionalism. Therefore, its sales channels are relatively simple, mainly including two: one is the agent channel; Second, end customers

due to the obvious engineering nature of LED display screen, a display screen project usually includes product design, engineering construction and after-sales maintenance, with the characteristics of small quantity, large investment, long payment collection time and high risk, so the channel structure of LED display screen enterprises is mostly direct sales, that is, the end customers directly connected by enterprises, that is, zero level sales channels. Even if looking for agents, the channel of LED display industry will not be too long, usually two levels

mtorres spokesman said: "at present, it needs to be pointed out that although LED display is a product with heavy engineering attributes, due to its" module splicing "characteristics, the sales mode of module unit board has also been born, that is, the wholesale market of LED display unit board. Therefore, some people in the industry also divide LED display screen into engineering channel and module wholesale channel

II. Channel construction of LED display screen

the importance of channels is self-evident. It is not too much for us to say "success is the channel, failure is the channel". Because channels are so important, enterprises in the industry attach great importance to the construction of channels. In recent years, LED display enterprises have spared no effort in the construction of channels, both expanding traditional channels and constantly trying to open up new channels. After years of development, the industry has basically taken shape in the construction of channels, and all enterprises have made good achievements. The display screen enterprises with engineering channels as the main ones are: lyade, Zhouming technology, abison, LianJian optoelectronics, etc; Enterprises focusing on the development of franchise channels (production of unit boards) mainly include: Xiamen Qiangli Jucai, Changzhi high tech, Quanzhou jingcaiguang. The loads often used are 5N and 10N electricity, Shenzhen helilai, Shenzhen Cisco Rui, Shenzhen Huaxia Guangcai, Shenzhen Trina Solar, Haijia Cailiang, Shenzhen Mingchang optoelectronics, Royal display, Hanchuang optoelectronics, etc

2.1 traditional LED display channel

the channel construction of traditional LED display mainly refers to the LED display wholesale market and engineering channel market. One of the most remarkable features of the two is that the wholesale market is the sales module (unit board wholesale), and the engineering channel is the whole screen product of LED display screen. LED engineering channels have high requirements for professional technology, and are generally regarded as medium and high-end markets, which is a great test of the comprehensive strength of enterprises with an impact strength of 24.2kj/m2. The entry threshold of the wholesale market is relatively low, the relative technical requirements are not too high, and the price of products is sensitive, so the competition should be more intense

in fact, when talking about the LED display channel in our industry, it is easy to simply understand it as the module wholesale market. This has led to a "conventional" habit in the industry, that is, simply viewing the wholesale of modules as a channel market. So for a long time in the past, when it came to channels, it was considered to be the wholesale of unit boards, which represented inferior products and no technical content, and was synonymous with the low-end market. Engineering projects are simply understood as high-end markets

however, with the development of LED display towards "small spacing" and micro spacing, the boundary between the traditional module wholesale market and engineering channel products is becoming increasingly blurred

2.2 channel competition in the LED display industry

as the sales channel of the company's products, the quality of its design directly affects the income and development of the enterprise, and even has a vital bearing on the future development of the enterprise

led displays go through the agent channel, and most of them are associated with local advertising companies. Relying on these advertising companies to help enterprises increase and establish led business, the number of agents also determines the size of the enterprise business segment. The terminal channel, that is, the zero level channel, relies more on various online and offline platforms. There are various offline exhibitions and the establishment of directly affiliated marketing points; Online websites such as Alibaba, Baidu search, Google search and we media do network promotion, and slowly accumulate their own customers

it should be pointed out that the online mode of LED display screen is mainly through the wholesale of unit board, but now this mode has not been widely recognized, and it is generally based on the offline push mode. But no matter which channel they take, LED display companies will face competition for channels. The conflict of channels is a dispute of interests, which is to maintain market share and competitive advantage, and is the result of enterprises competing for channel control

for LED displays, engineering channels are scarce resources, and enterprises compete for engineering channels most fiercely

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