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To alleviate the insufficient supply of charging infrastructure, the construction of charging piles must revitalize the stock

revitalize the stock resources, and greatly improve the use efficiency of existing public charging piles, which can be regarded as a good prescription to effectively alleviate the insufficient supply of charging infrastructure

"pull around outside, the car is running out of electricity, and I have found several charging piles continuously, either bad or there are fuel vehicles occupying the parking space." Recently, when the author was riding, an express driver poured out his "bitter water": if the electric vehicle has 30 kilometers left, he can only take orders within 10 kilometers, and the remaining 20 kilometers need to be used to find charging piles

the low utilization rate of charging piles caused by faults and occupation deserves attention. In fact, the construction of public charging piles in China has been growing steadily in recent years. Data show that by the end of 2017, China has built 210000 public charging piles, ranking first in the world in terms of ownership, but the utilization rate of public charging piles is less than 15%. On the one hand, the number is soaring, on the other hand, the utilization rate is low. How can the construction of charging piles "feed" the high growth of new energy vehicles

as the power guarantee of new energy vehicles, the construction of charging infrastructure is related to how far new energy vehicles can drive and how well the new energy vehicle industry can go. In recent years, in order to encourage the development of new energy vehicles, favorable policies in the supporting field have occurred frequently, pushing the charging pile industry into a period of rapid development. Today, in some big cities, open the map to search for "gas stations" and "charging stations" according to different load measurement methods, and you will find that the number of charging stations in the same area has far exceeded that of gas stations. Relevant data show that by the end of 2017, the national vehicle pile ratio has reached 3.5:1. Although it still needs to continue to work on the scale to realize the "one radish elastic modulus, eight maximum experimental forces and one pit" of the charging pile, if we can revitalize the stock resources and significantly improve the use efficiency of the existing public charging pile, it can be regarded as a good prescription to effectively alleviate the insufficient supply of charging infrastructure

to revitalize the stock, we must make up for the quality shortcomings of the construction of charging piles, and we may wish to make improvements in the following aspects

in response to equipment failure, we should strengthen offline "demining" and online "early warning". The rapid increase of charging piles puts forward higher requirements for improving infrastructure operation and maintenance services, which requires operators to strengthen regular inspections and do a good "physical examination" for charging piles; At the same time, you can also add the "bad pile repair" function on the app. Once the owner finds a fault, he can automatically report to the operator for repair, so that subsequent electric vehicle drivers can avoid detours

to solve the problem of parking space occupation, the relevant departments should give strategic force to realize the development of one body and two wings, and the relevant subjects should also make efforts. In fact, it is a testing instrument for developing new products, discussing the formula of rubber and verifying the amount of products. In view of the occupation of charging parking spaces and other problems, Beijing and other places have introduced relevant regulations, which clearly require fuel vehicles to prohibit the occupation of special parking spaces for electric vehicles. However, it is still difficult to impose penalties in the implementation process. Supporting measures should be formulated as soon as possible to effectively connect vehicles with piles. In addition, some public parking lots, by strengthening personnel patrol, timely realize the move and replacement of two types of vehicles, which is also worthy of reference for relevant subjects

to improve the use efficiency, we should rely on "manpower" and more on "intelligence", especially big data technology. To revitalize the existing charging pile resources and solve the limitation of charging piles, the key is to realize the optimal allocation of resources, and use big data analysis to assist in the resource matching of charging piles and electric vehicles. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to open up the data islands of many charge pile operators as soon as possible, realize data interconnection, so that car owners can see the use of more charge piles at one terminal, and realize the effective scheduling of electric vehicles

with the continuous development of charging technology, we have reason to believe that a charging pile can serve more electric vehicles in a shorter time in the future. From this point of view, from now on, paying attention to improving the efficiency of each charging pile will help the new energy vehicle industry to a better tomorrow. (Han Xin)

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