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The 2018 arm AI developers' global summit will be held soon.

the first developers' global summit will be held in Shanghai on September 14, 2018. Guided by the Xuhui District Government of Shanghai and jointly hosted by China and the ecological alliance AIEC, this developer summit aims to discuss with AI developers how to jointly innovate core AI technologies, build an open AI ecosystem, and Promote the popularization of front-end and edge AI and Pratt & Whitney for on-site interaction and in-depth communication

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developers are the most important group and the main driving force in the AI field. The developer summit will bring together 600 global technical elites, more than 140 AIEC alliance members and China's heavyweight AI companies. There will be keynote speeches by technology leaders from Google, Amazon, Baidu and arm, as well as from Tencent, horizon, kuxinwei, Cambrian, Sibi 2, after startup, first via aerospace, Zhongke Chuangda Experts from leading AI innovation enterprises in China, such as open AI Lab, shared the cutting-edge open technology innovation and ecological upgrading, and discussed the future technology development trend in the field of AI with the majority of AI developers

in addition, at this developer summit, the first embedded AI development kit designed and developed for the teaching field of embedded AI development and related 4. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the potentiometer fine-tuning knob of industrial control box under working conditions - eaidk, and an arm AI developer kit training camp will be held. Arm and arm AI's important partner open AI Lab will conduct on-site teaching, actual development and operation, and on-site technical exchange, Help developers who are interested in investing in front-end and edge AI fields quickly master AI development skills on the arm platform. Developers who complete the training of the actual combat camp will obtain the arm AI developer certificate and the exclusive eaidk development board

at present, the registration of developer summit and practical camp has been officially launched. Please visit

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