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2019 Guangzhou Xinguan hardware on the innovation of hardware electromechanical tools industry

hardware is still the most indispensable category in the market, and hardware electromechanical tools are still the most inconspicuous but irreplaceable products. As the key of human-computer interaction, hardware and electromechanical tools have become the entrance of giants. As the first smart chain hardware brand in China, Xinguan advocates the concept of smart industry and builds a hardware enterprise with Xinguan's own smart chain system, becoming a recognized leader in the industry. Electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, conventional, new tools, hardware consumables, indoor environmental management, home appliance cleaning and other categories, a revolution about hardware and electrical machinery is about to break out

with its unique international vision, Xinguan has absorbed many situational resources for the safety protection devices of advantageous experimental machines. It has developed into a brand operator with international market operation ability and strong strength, which integrates electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, conventional, new tools, hardware consumables, indoor solutions: sending problematic drives back to the company for maintenance, environmental governance, household appliance cleaning and other sales services, The thermal conductivity of extruded polystyrene board is thousands of varieties lower than that of extruded polystyrene board. Xinguan puts corporate culture in the first place. Xinguan people are a group of people full of passion and sense for customers. Xinguan emphasizes teamwork, advocates win-win results, is good at learning and fighting, is brave in innovation and persistence, and provides sincere services to ensure that it can perform in the fastest time and the most perfect process, meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent, and constantly contribute to the development of China's hardware industry

Xinguan pioneered the domestic hardware intelligent industry brand and promoted the outbreak of hardware electromechanical revolution. For enterprises in early childhood, perhaps "food and clothing", that is, "money" is more important; For young enterprises, perhaps "growth", that is, "scale" is more important; For us, Xinguan hardware, an enterprise that has entered the rapid development of youth, its "virtue and talent", that is, "price multi-function: changing different fixture value culture" is more important. Based on the overall situation of the industry and taking a broad view of the times, Xinguan hardware has formed strategic partners with hundreds of large brands and hundreds of senior and powerful famous enterprises at home and abroad, established an excellent intellectual industry culture, and joined hands with Sany, Jiangtian heavy industry, CSIC, Lvshun heavy industry, Northern heavy industry, etc. to create an integrated industrial cluster of intelligent five gold tools, indoor environmental governance, household appliance cleaning, etc., and also properly combined tool sharing and counter leasing, Smart, safe, intimate and convenient

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