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2018 Shandong Lingong Russian good driver hot start

2018 Shandong Lingong Russian good driver hot start

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the volume of vertical equipment is smaller and easier to operate, and the phased excess capacity caused by blind introduction. At the end of March, the long-standing historical city of Stavropol border region, warm znovotsk, was launched in 2018. The "good Russian driver activity" of Shandong Lingong was launched, and the "Russia" channel "" column of Russian state television synchronously reported

although the temperature in znowitzk was only -7 ℃ ~-1 ℃ in the early spring, and the body feeling temperature brought by the drizzle was even lower, it still couldn't stop the enthusiasm of the people in the Caucasus. The products of Shandong temporary loader and grader lined up in line made nearly 100 customers who came to the scene feel the industrial power of heavy equipment with the thickness of Mount Tai

after the folk dance with traditional Caucasian characteristics, the 2018 Shandong Lingong Russian good driver activity was officially launched. 16 elite drivers from all walks of life, such as building materials, agriculture, logistics, mining and so on, began to compete in three disciplines: reversing around piles, accurate positioning of buckets, and extreme unloading, which integrated the key items of driving under vehicle conditions, operation cycle, driver vehicle performance control, and so on. The atmosphere of the on-site competition was high, The master duel also brings a new experience of labor efficiency to on-site customers

after layer by layer selection, kalyaushkin Denis Alexandrovich from nerudstroy finally won the championship with a second advantage, which also made everyone on the scene sigh. On the one hand, the hearty competition verified the driver's superb operating skills, on the other hand, it also vividly reflected the extreme performance of Shandong Lingong loader products

as kalyaushkin Denis Alexandrovich said in an interview with the "Russia" channel of Russian state television, Shandong Lingong has always been based on quality and reliability, so that the "tool" nature of machinery can create real maximum benefits for customers. At the same time, Shandong Lingong launched a large-scale social welfare activity of good Russian drivers, It also allows the whole society to pay attention to the professional group of drivers, lead the good atmosphere of social development, pay attention to the conscientious development of the professional group of drivers, and effectively promote economic development with practical forces

in the future, Shandong Lingong will tour several federal districts of Russia to carry out the activities of good drivers in Russia, pay attention to the benign development of the professional group of drivers in Russia, provide sophisticated and reliable equipment for each user, and also provide free driver theory and operation skills training for customers, improve driver operation level and work efficiency, and also contribute to the development of Russian society

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