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Analysis of the current situation and development trend of the global industrial information security industry market in 2018

at present, the rapid development of industrial digitalization, networking and intellectualization has accelerated the penetration of network security threats into the industrial field, and the means of network attacks are becoming increasingly complex and diverse. Industrial information security is facing serious security risks. Frequent industrial information security incidents have accelerated technological upgrading. At the same time, with the rapid development of industries in various countries, the demand for industrial information security will also continue to increase, and the market scale will further expand

industry risks continue to rise, promoting technological renewal and iteration

at present, the overall situation of industrial information security around the world is not optimistic. The number of industrial control systems and equipment exposed to the Internet is increasing worldwide, and high-risk loopholes in industrial control security are frequent. In addition, the threshold for network attacks on industrial control systems is further reduced. Major industrial information security incidents are still at a high incidence, even affecting energy, manufacturing, medical treatment, communications Key information infrastructure in transportation, municipal administration and other important fields

with the continuous development and deepening of various innovative applications such as industrial interconnection, intelligent manufacturing, IOT, etc., as the nerve center of the industrial field, the trend of industrial control system interconnection is becoming more and more obvious. At the same time, it is also facing unprecedented complex and severe network security threats with the increasing number of waste plastics, and the overall risk of global industrial information security continues to rise

specifically, industrial control vulnerabilities are widely distributed in energy, manufacturing, commercial facilities, water, municipal and other key areas. According to the statistics of the United States industrial control system network security emergency response team (ics-cert), among the 392 security vulnerabilities in key infrastructure related industries tracked and released in 2016, most of them are distributed in key infrastructure fields closely related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, such as energy, manufacturing, commercial facilities, water affairs, municipal administration, etc. Among them, the energy industry ranks first, with a total of 186 related vulnerabilities, followed by key manufacturing industries, with a total of 155 related vulnerabilities

under the increasing security threats, as well as the more complex and diversified threats, the escalating security needs of enterprise users with an industrial depth of no less than 30cm have also driven the iteration and innovation of global industrial information security technology. New concepts such as active defense, threat intelligence, situational awareness, data-driven security, and security visualization have been continuously promoted and applied in the field of industrial information security. New technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence have moved from concept to implementation. From the perspective of the layout of international industrial information security enterprise technologies and products, global industrial information security technologies mainly focus on active defense, security automation, the integrated application of emerging Internet technologies in the field of industrial information security, and embedded security design

for example, arc developed the network security model of industrial control system in 2017, which divides industrial control security into a series of steps such as security protection of a single device, external attack defense, access control of nano powder metallurgy materials, monitoring of suspicious activities and active management of complex threats and network events. At the same time, in terms of integration with emerging Internet technologies, traditional security protection methods are constantly being challenged by hackers. The emergence of emerging Internet technologies such as machine learning algorithms and regional chains provides new protection concepts and new perspectives for the field of industrial information security

industrial reform has increased the demand of all countries, and the market scale continues to expand.

taking the United States, Israel, Germany and China as examples, this paper analyzes the development status of their industrial information security industry. First of all, the United States has the largest number of industrial control systems. In the context of the new era of interconnection, the United States advocates industrial interconnection, connecting intelligent devices, people and data, and realizing the networking of internal and external services. Moreover, the United States has an absolute advantage in the field of industrial information security, with listed enterprises accounting for more than 60% of the world, and there are many famous industrial information security manufacturers

secondly, with the increasing information security threats and cyber attacks, the world is facing a shortage of information security talents, and Israel is becoming a holy land for global investors and Taoists. At present, Israel has become the leader of the global information security ecosystem. There are 166 information security start-ups in Israel, of which 16 have raised more than $50million in venture capital and 18 have raised more than $30 million. The successful combination of talent education system, international and domestic industrial forces, venture capital and strong tax policy support has made the network security ecosystem an important mechanism to support the development of Israel's network security industry

Germany's industry is relatively developed, with world-leading manufacturing technology, but without world-class information technology and secure information system, it can not ensure the reliable production of physical systems. At present, it is strengthening the orderly development of domestic industrial information security. As one of the emerging countries with the fastest economic development, China's industry has developed rapidly. With the support of policies, the domestic industrial information security industry has developed rapidly and the security level has been significantly improved

at present,

the following discusses the future development trend of the global industrial information security industry from four aspects: application, product, technology and market. From the perspective of application trend, the investment of power industry, oil and gas industry and chemical and petrochemical industry in the industrial information security market will continue to maintain a leading position in the market in the future. At the same time, the continuous global attention to infrastructure security issues is also the main driving force driving the investment in the industrial information security market of water treatment industry. In addition, in the key infrastructure of transportation, due to the frequent network security threats to the industrial control system of the aviation and maritime sector in the past two years, the demand for industrial information security will grow rapidly

in terms of products, terminal security continues to lead, followed by network security, followed by application, data and cloud security. Industrial firewall plays a leading role. In terms of technology, it will mainly focus on active defense, security automation, the integrated application of emerging Internet technologies in the field of industrial information security, and embedded security design. In terms of market size, the promotion of industry risks, policy support and other factors will further increase the market size of the industry

the above data comes from the "analysis report on the development prospect prediction and investment strategic planning of China's industrial information security industry" released by the forward looking Industry Research Institute

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