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2019 the 22nd Jinan International Machine Tool Exhibition


exhibition time: March 16-march 17, 2019 exhibition time: March 20, 2019

withdrawal time: March 20, 2019 16:00 location: Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 28, Gongye South Road)

market, new prospects New business opportunities - through the exhibition, we can effectively use the new investment wave to bring new business opportunities

Shandong Jinan - the transfer position of Japan and South Korea manufacturing industry and the manufacturing base of Shandong Peninsula

the Yellow River Economic Zone and the Bohai rim economic circle are important headquarters economic agglomeration centers

Introduction to the exhibition

Jinnuo machine tool exhibition has been successfully held for 21 consecutive sessions since its inception. It is held in Jinan, Shandong Province in March, Ningbo in May, Qingdao in August and Shenyang in September every year. It has formed brand advantages in the industry, attracting more than 200000 customers from home and abroad every year, and displaying tens of thousands of various high and middle end equipment. "Jinan International Machine Tool Exhibition" is scheduled to be held in March in Jinan, the provincial capital. It has formed a habit of regular participation and visits among exhibitors and professional visitors, and has also formed a good reputation in the industry. It has developed into an industry event covering the whole machine tool and mold industry in East China and the Bohai Bay region

the last exhibition was held in Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 27 to 29, 2018, with a total exhibition area of 40000 square meters. The exhibition attracted a total of 508 exhibitors, and a total of 48919 professional visitors during the three-day exhibition period. More than 90% of the exhibitors achieved satisfactory exhibition results

exhibition site: demaji, Mori Seiji, Haas, hating, Doosan, Okuma, brother, Tianjin, Hyundai Wei never hesitated to use the short-term test data on the plastic manufacturer's data sheet. Ya, Beiyi, Youjia group, Ritz, Kaibo, Liwei, egma, YingYuan technology, Qifa, Jiangze, Shenyang Machine Tool, Baoji Machine tool, Yunnan CY, heidman, Jinan first machine tool, oil machinery, Guangzhou machine tool, Taiwan Gaofeng Taiwan xiehong, Yiquan, Guosheng, Suzhou newway, xingfuxiang, Rongde, Fujian Jiatai, jiamengzi, Lunan Machine tool, Xiamen YANGSEN, Qiaofeng, Ningqing, Zhaoshan, Yawei, Yangli, bond, ACL, radium, Jin speed up the improvement of the decision-making and consultation mechanism, Vico, hongniu, Duowei, Ruijie, Jingmei, Newland, Chint high tech, Sandvik croman, Walter, shangao, Kyocera, Shanggong, Chengliang, hallow, Xiamen Jinlu Zhuzhou Diamond, hexcon, Siemens, THK, Yintai, heimazhao, Shenzhen Sirui, Stuttgart, Kawasaki robot, Qianjiang robot, Yaskawa and other well-known enterprises all appeared with a strong lineup

market advantages

the blue tide surged in Qilu: since January 2011, the construction of Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone has risen to a national strategy, 100 demonstration parks and 322 key construction projects have become the development engine to start the blue economic zone. The 100 demonstration parks will mainly build a number of marine high-end industrial parks for your reference: District, new energy park, modern logistics park, Port Industrial Park, etc; 322 major projects mainly focus on 7 fields, including ports, airports, railways, highways, energy, water conservancy and information; The super engine of the development of peninsula Blue Economic Zone led the demand index of Shandong machine tool industry to rise across the board, and the market began to show a trend of large-scale growth

Jinan's core industries are developing rapidly: the transportation equipment industry, power supply equipment manufacturing industry, new energy industry, auto parts, machinery manufacturing, and electronic information industry show a strong momentum of development. The rapid development of various industries has driven the machine tool and related products and process design team to successfully develop semi trailers, trucks, oil tankers Market demand of all aluminum sample vehicles such as fire engines

exhibition revenue

1. It is expected that more than 40000 professionals will visit and meet with senior managers and decision makers from the manufacturing, R & D and procurement departments in the main application fields of machine tools

2. Integrate the resources of the government and overseas partners to help you contact and communicate with more large user groups

3. Build investment channels to help you contact more overseas customers

4. By holding large-scale high-level forums, we can help you understand the current situation and trend of machine tool application field at the first time

5. At the key industrial exhibition in Shandong Province, many senior government officials, association leaders, mainstream and professional media will promote products, forge brands, and build a stage for image display

6. Provide pre exhibition and on-site matching services for important exhibitors, and report key enterprise information for a long time

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