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2019 artificial intelligence industry summit: in the era of intelligent change, innovative unicorns seize the first opportunity

on April 12, Fus cloud hunting 2019 artificial intelligence industry summit was grandly held at Millennium Hotel in Beijing, where nearly 100 well-known capital masters, unicorn founders, entrepreneurial figures and nearly 1000 investors and entrepreneurs gathered. The summit was hosted by lieyun, CO hosted by AI planet, and co hosted by sharp perspective, lieyun capital, lieyun finance, corporate housekeeper, and Toutiao

in the era of intelligent change, with the deep and continuous integration of artificial intelligence and various industries, lieyun invited many well-known capital masters and unicorn founders in the industry to share cutting-edge views on science and technology and industry, discuss the trend of innovation trends, and grasp the new direction in the future

industrial opportunities in the era of intelligent Internet

jinjilei, founder and CEO of cloud hunting, delivered a speech on behalf of the organizer. He said that in 2019, "landing" is still the key to breaking the situation of "industry + AI". How to use AI technology to find a solution that can be applied on a large scale in business has become the direction of common exploration - all walks of life are facing opportunities and challenges enabled by AI

capital and resource advantages are the necessary conditions for the rapid rise of many Unicorn enterprises in the early stage. In addition, the continuous innovation ability and profit model are the decisive factors that ultimately test the "unicorn" to have industry barriers

jinjilei, founder and CEO of cloud hunting

with the continuous change of artificial intelligence, it has entered the era of intelligent decision-making. Jin Jilei mentioned in his speech that "the power of 5g technology has also become a catalyst for the explosion of the application of artificial intelligence and other technologies, promoting the further upgrading of basic communications such as autopilot, IOT and supercomputer"

song Chunyu, partner of Lenovo venture capital group, said in his speech that the biggest change in the next stage of technology development is intelligent interconnection

intelligent interconnection is not just equal to AI, but consists of five very important key technical variables, including IOT, edge computing, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence. These five key variables will evolve together and interact to empower vertical industries, including smart industry, smart retail, smart transportation, etc

Song Chunyu, partner of Lenovo venture capital group

Song Chunyu stressed that although we have entered the era of intelligent interconnection in the process of continuous loading and unloading of experimental power, the experimental machine is still in a very early stage. The economic value that can be generated by intelligent Internet enabled industries and deep integration is far from being truly brought into play

he said that the era of intelligent Internet will also usher in n-fold development. Lenovo venture capital also hopes to see and find that startups have become a "new species" in the era of intelligent Internet by learning from the core innovation ideas of mobile Internet

Ru Yi, general manager of intelligent hardware of Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, mentioned in his speech that today mankind is about to enter the era of Internet of things in artificial intelligence. In this era, machines can not only calculate, but also understand and make decisions. For communication with people, machines have the ability to act

the progress of these times has determined that the communication between people and machines has changed from "people adapt to machines" to "machines understand people", so that machines can have the same functions of seeing, hearing and sensing as people, so that machines can perceive the environment, and even perceive things that human beings cannot perceive

From the perspective of investment institutions, Lai yunqi, executive director of Hongtai fund, said that for scientific and technological innovation enterprises, we will focus on their four capabilities: first, independent R & D and technological innovation capabilities, second, excellent product design and business capabilities, third, organizational efficiency and corporate culture, and fourth, internationalization capabilities

Lai yunqi, executive director of Hongtai fund, admitted that even technological innovation companies at an early stage will still focus on their commercialization, product design and internationalization capabilities. In addition, it also includes the founder's values, corporate culture and organizational ability, which is related to whether the company can truly exert its creativity and achieve its goals more efficiently

talking about the investment direction of AI investment 2.0, Lai yunqi shared the areas that Hongtai fund focuses on, namely, intelligent automation, natural language understanding and general artificial intelligence

"industry + AI" brings about the improvement of efficiency and value

in addition, the guests also shared the improvement of efficiency and value brought by AI technology enabling various industries from the fields of education, insurance, retail and so on. We all agree that industrial transformation and digital transformation need to make good use of artificial intelligence as early as possible

Ma Gang, partner of squirrel AI intelligent adaptation education

Ma Gang, partner of squirrel AI intelligent adaptation education, elaborated on how to solve the dilemma that education cannot teach students according to their aptitude at present

first, maintain students' concentration. Education itself is an anti human action. Alpha dog constantly changes its layout through the judgment of chess players and adjusts its chess strategy through strategic layout. In view of this, it can match the difficulty of content with the type of learning

second, personalized matching. AI can make a personalized matching scheme for different children according to their situation

third, the speed of learning is also different. Similarly, when a child learns different knowledge points, the time consumed is completely different, just like the vast sky of stars and clouds. AI can trace the source, just like a wall, to find out where its loopholes are, and fill a brick there, which is tracing the source

itutorgroup chief data officer Shen Peihong said in his speech that whether AI and big data are applied in the education industry, and whether personalized teaching can be achieved is a very important indicator to measure the effect of AI. In order to provide personalized breakthroughs in education, AI should play a role at both macro and micro levels

Shen Peihong, chief data officer of itutorgroup, Tian Liwen, head of elephant insurance big data laboratory, shared that at present, in the whole insurance or mobile Internet insurance field, technology empowerment is an upgrade in the full value chain

on the user side and the insurance company side, there are actually a lot of applications of technology, including product design, marketing and sales, underwriting risk control, underwriting services, insurance policy services, claim settlement services and even customer services. Because of the participation and application of these technologies, the whole value chain can finally improve the efficiency and user experience of the entire insurance service

but still full of confidence in the extensive use of the "bottom-up design" method based on imitation and experiment

SHEN Xiuping, chairman and CEO of youluoke

SHEN Xiuping, chairman and CEO of youluoke, talked about how AI can empower new retail, saying that, first, reducing people, although unmanned is now done very little, it must be a trend; Second, provide accurate and really good services for customers, which need the development based on AI technology

Shen Xiuping also mentioned that at present, we are in the sixth KangBo cycle, and AI will continue to have an impact in the next decades, 60 years or even longer

to B track financing recovered, and [Plan B] came into being.

in addition, the "plan B" to B venture capital group, jointly sponsored by domestic first-line funds, industry experts, media and enterprises, held a launching ceremony at the FUS lieyun 2019 artificial intelligence industry summit, and lieyun was launched as the designated venture capital cooperation media of "plan B"

in the future, plan B will build a venture capital connector in the tob field, deepen value investment, share technology and innovation trends, aggregate upstream and downstream resources of the industry, promote in-depth project cooperation, and provide resource services for tob entrepreneurs

it is reported that dongshahu fund town is the guiding unit of "plan B". As the rotating chairman unit, Huaying capital also includes Yuanhe chenkun, Yuanhe Zhongyuan and Yuanhe origin. First of all, Jinan experimental machine needs to make clear the rigidity of materials before measurement. Yuanhe Huachuang, Jinshajiang joint capital, Kunzhong capital, Galaxy venture capital, guokejiahe, yunqi capital, Fangguang capital, qingkong ginkgo, Zhongding capital Wuyue capital, Jinshajiang venture capital, Yuanjing capital, northern lights venture capital Gobi venture capital, Detong capital, Datai capital, Songhe capital, Weilai capital, VenTECH China, Vitruvian partners, Wutong capital, Zhenghe Huitong, ABI Yuanshi capital, feldspar capital, Mingshi capital, Fengyuan capital, Sanxing capital, Delian capital

since 2018, to B track has become more popular and financing has recovered; Consumer internet giants bet on industrial interconnection to add another dawn. No one denies that China's tob market is a rich mine, but the longer cycle and higher technical barriers determine that the road to gold mining is destined to be a marathon that requires patience

"plan B" came into being. "Technology and innovation dance together, capital and platform are cast together". By building alliances, gathering high-quality industrial resources, providing precise connections, and carrying out in-depth and effective cooperation, plan B accompanies to B entrepreneurs on their long way forward

Ji Wei, founding managing partner of Huaying capital

Ji Wei, founding managing partner of Huaying capital, on behalf of the rotating chairman unit, shared a large number of industry feedback received after the issuance of plan B at the launch ceremony

"we see that the needs of both investment institutions and start-ups are highly consistent. Many enterprises have told us that they hope to obtain high-quality financing opportunities, or that someone can provide strategic advice for project development, and others have directly said that we hope to recruit two technological giants through plan B. in the process of listening to the voice of the industry, we have also strengthened our original intention."

technological innovation is the biggest engine that really drives the next round of business reform, and a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform is emerging. At the launch ceremony of plan B, representatives and industry experts from plan B members also shared their insights into the future technology + industry

Zhang Gaonan, a partner of Huaying capital, pointed out that the essence of industrial transformation and upgrading is the process of improving industrial competitiveness, which needs to ensure the sustainable development of the industry; Among them, scientific and technological innovation, as a productive force, provides the growth force for the industry. The core of technological innovation is data, algorithm and computing power. In recent years, the upgrading of industries by technological innovation has been widely used in information industry, biomedicine, industrial manufacturing, finance, new materials, supply chain and other industries

Zhang Gaonan, partner of Huaying capital

Zhang Gaonan also provides suggestions for entrepreneurs' transformation and upgrading: if possible, try your best to digitize the whole business; At the same time, we should change the way of thinking in decision-making, try to get out of the constraints of empirical decision-making, cultivate the awareness of intelligent decision-making, and be good at using data plus algorithm to improve the scientificity and accuracy of decision-making

jinjilei, founder and CEO of lieyun, said that lieyun participated in plan B as a media, hoping to provide all-round, multi-dimensional and multi-level media reports for the member units of plan B, provide more multimedia reporting opportunities for post investment enterprises, meet the funds needed for the rapid growth of enterprises and government policy support through the power of lieyun media

in addition, Li Ying, executive partner of Yuanhe Zhongyuan, Zhou Qi, partner of Jinshajiang joint capital management, Xu Fang, managing partner of Galaxy venture capital

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